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A 2 storey building which people also call Mru Tyuko Hotel. People come to this house to wait for death. The Kashi Lab Mukti Bhavan in Varanasi is the final destination of those waiting for death.

The 10 rooms of that two-storied building have witnessed the deaths of more than 14,000 people so far. Anurag Shukla, who maintains the building, says – “If the person who is taking his last breath wants to stay in a five-star hotel even if he pays,They don’t get a room.

No one wants to be around a ‘crying person’. Mukti Bhavan is the place for such people who came to Kashi in search of liberation. So far, 14 thousand 878 people have come here to meet the dead. Surrounded by green wooden doors and white walls, this building was built in 1908, it is a story in itself. Death is waiting in every room here. About this, the administrator of Mukti Bhawan, A.

Nurag Shukla, says – It really happens! Sometimes the patient gets relief after entering the ambulance or vehicle building. Similarly, there are many people whose faces have the whiteness of death. They stay in pain all night, lie in bed and get injured but do not die.

After that they have to go back. In fact, the building has a rule that a room is only available for 15 days. If you can’t get salvation even by this time, you have to go out. Sometimes 15 days period depending on the situationIt will also be added. These are the people whom doctors have said cannot be saved. Whose body has slowly stopped working. Those who have stopped eating and drinking. And in whose eyes the waiting of death shines.

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